Aggressive Dog Zeus – American Staffy

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Beautiful Zeus

American Staffordshire Bull Terrier

How to Calm an Aggressive Dog!

Zeus is an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier and had been surrendered to us after he was found to be severely aggressive after attacking numerous dogs. When he first came to us we where unable interact him as he was so fear aggressive we couldn’t get him out of the kennel. After Jade spent a number of days building trust with Zeus she was able to get him on lead and slowly introduce training through confidence building exercises and working him in his extremely high drive. Over the following two months, Zeus lived in home with Jade and did a complete 360. Zeus was a dog that came to The K9Centre on the verge of death row after others had given up on him. Zeus is a classic example of how the right approach, the proper training techniques and little love can change even the hardest of cases. Zeus raised our Detection Dog Annie who gentle and loving. Zeus now lives with a couple and is visited frequently by their numerous grandchildren and is back to loving life.

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Zeus Human Aggression Problem

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